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How to Dry Carpet after Cleaning

Your carpets are an amazing part of your interior. They are stylish, give your home a great look and get dirty with time as well. We have already discussed how to clean a carpet and told you multiple ways which can help you to get rid of conventional stains. Sometimes cleaning is not enough, you have to wash your carpets and it is a difficult task.

Mold and mildew form on a moist carpet which endangers the health of your family.

It’s critical to promptly dry your carpet, whether it’s damp from a flood, humidity, or simple cleaning.

Let us tell you what are the best ways to dry the carpet after cleaning.


Why Should You Dry Carpet Out?

Wet carpet has moisture in their pores, and this is not a good thing. A warm and moist environment is the favorite place for germs to grow. You don’t want to create a habitat of different kinds of bacteria at your home. That is why you should dry the carpet out.


How can moisture damage your carpet?

A carpet’s cushioning functions like a sponge, soaking up all possible moisture. When mold starts to grow, indoor air quality quickly deteriorates, which can cause respiratory conditions like asthma. In the worst circumstances, mold can cause severe disease and infections. So yes moisture can damage your carpet.


How to Dry Carpet After Cleaning

There are many ways to dry out your carpet and it completely depends upon the method of cleaning you opt i-e how you clean the carpet. Carpets can be dry-cleaned, cleaned using steam, or with specialized carpet cleaners.


How long does it take to dry a carpet?

It takes up to 2-3 days to dry a carpet by conventional methods which include,

  • Drying in the open air
  • Using a fan for drying
  • Dry via carpet blowers
  • Using AC units

Which is the easiest way to dry a carpet?

Drying in the open air is the easiest and cheapest way.

  • Find an airy open place around you where the sun shines bright and air flows naturally.
  • Tie a hanging wire or something to hold the carpet
  • Hang your wet carpet on it and take care of it.
  • Check after every 3 hours
  • Remove it at night and rehang it again in the daytime.
  • Flip it after every 4-5 hours


This is one of the best ways to dry a carpet because when a carpet is placed in the open air it dries quickly because air flows from every side of it and removes the smell as well.

Note: The challenges in this method are uncertain weather conditions and the efforts to daily hang your carpet.

How can you dry your carpet inside?

When the weather is not suitable for drying the carpet outside, using a fan is the fastest way to clean your carpet.

Using a fan for drying is another best way to dry a carpet inside. It’s a quite convenient and accessible method and works very efficiently.

  • Lay your carpet directly underneath a fan.
  • Turn the fan on and let it sit here for a while
  • Flip it after every 4-5 hours


You can use a standing or desk fan if you don’t have a ceiling fan. Two smaller fans placed on either side of the carpet might be enough to create appropriate circulation.

How effective is a carpet blower to dry a carpet?

Drying carpet via carpet blowers is undoubtedly the fastest way to dry a carpet after cleaning. The blower does quite a quick job and cleans the carpet in a few hours. You either need professional help or a little training to get it done effectively

What are alternative ways to dry a carpet?

Using an air-conditioning unit to dry your carpet should be a last resort. It’s not as effective as a fan or open air but it is your option when you have harsh weather and fans are not available.

  • Spread your carpet in an AC room
  • Put the temperature of the AC on high with a warm setting on
  • Flip the carpet after every 5-6 hours


How Long Does It Take To Dry Carpet After Cleaning?

The duration a carpet takes to dry after cleaning depends upon which way you use to dry your carpet.

Below are a few duration details.

  • Drying in open air – 2-3 Days
  • Using a fan for drying – 2-3 Days
  • Dry via carpet blowers – 6-8 Hours (Professionally)
  • Using AC units – More than 3 Days

It will take longer to dry out your carpet if your home has recently flooded or experienced a large leak. Even with the use of all available techniques, the carpet drying time can take more than three days, and deep cleaning as well. If the carpet is still damp after 72 hours, you should seek professional assistance.

How Can Mold Grow in a Wet Carpet?

Mold loves moist areas like carpets to develop. Within 24 to 48 hours of being exposed to water, a carpet will start to grow mold and mildew. If you don’t do anything to get rid of the water and mold, they will keep growing quickly.

It is more likely to happen if your home has been under a flood. The constant soaking makes a perfect habitat for mold to grow inside.

It not only damages your carpet fibers but is also very difficult to cut off.

You cannot identify whether your carpet has mold just by glancing at it. Mold may become discolored if it is in an advanced stage. But later on, your carpet will expose several black or green stains. Remember that first of all discoloration appear in the space beneath your carpet.

How to Dry Carpet After a Flood

If your house has been the victim of a flood, whether small or big, your carpet is most likely soaked. At first, it’s essential to figure out whether the carpet is worth saving or not.


If you have a sewage system at home, the flood could’ve caused it to overflow. The level of contaminants present in a sewage system could infect your carpet. This will require extensive cleaning which is certainly more expensive than replacing the carpet.


If your sewage system was unaffected by the flood and your carpet can still be used, get professional help. The cleaning professional in Houston has all the necessary tools and techniques to make your carpet like new again without damaging the delicate fibers.

How to Dry Carpet in Winter

During the chilly winter months, drying your carpet could appear more difficult. It is recommended to avoid self-washing a carpet during winter.

One of the best ways to dry the carpet during the winter is by applying heat. To dry the carpet, use a blow dryer. Professional carpet cleaners use it because it works well. This procedure is not only effective, but it is rapid as well.


We strongly advise installing a heater, dehumidifier, and fan to dry your carpet. These will aid you to dry the carpet in winter when it’s cold outside. The drying time can exceed your expectation but the above-mentioned trio of tools is able to dry out your carpet quickly.


When Do I Need Professional Help to Dry Carpet?


It is preferable to seek professional help if after two days you feel the carpet and pad are still damp. One indication is that the carpet will start to smell bad, which means that mold is starting to grow.

We advise you in such case do not to waste more time the longer the fungus stays and grows inside the carpet the more it would be difficult to cut it out.

Get it dried by professionals as soon as possible.

Once you receive your clean carpet, reinstall the carpet along with the dried This can be challenging, especially if your carpet shrinks after drying.


Stretch the carpet yourself in the spaces between and the wall but if the distance is wide, you’ll need a carpet knee-kicker.

What is a Carpet Knee Kicker?

The use of carpet knee-kickers is a simple tool to readjust the carpet after shrinking. You fasten the teeth to the carpet and use your knee to impact the padded area. The carpet will be gently stretched now push it into the position you like.


When to Call for Professional Help

It may be prudent to call a professional if your carpet is completely stopped after a flood. The task of drying out large carpets that cover entire rooms could also be too much work for a homeowner.


Large carpets need to dry quickly as well. If not, the moisture will quickly contaminate the floors, carpets, and even the walls. A wet carpet can cause insulation-covered walls to become water-damaged and mold-infected.


Don’t be hesitant to ask for assistance if you think the task might be too much for you to handle. With professional help, the carpet dries quickly and accurately in less time and less money.